Care for Hardwoods and Finishes


* Remove dust with a soft, dry cloth. Use a wood cleaner to remove grime and restore sheen 
* Always dust and wipe in the direction of the wood grain 
* Use writing pads and coasters to protect the wood surfaces 
* Clean spills immediately 
* Keep furniture away from windows, direct sunlight, air vents, or heat unit


Care for Garnite, Marble, Travertine


* Use coasters under all glass utensils and hot items 
* Blot spills immediately 
* Clean surfaces with a soft cloth and neutral cleaner or those especially formulated for use on stone. 
* Keep clear any debris or sharp objects 
* Avoid contact with chemicals, particularly acid-based materials (e.g. lemon, vinegar)


Care for Upholstery


* Vacuum regularly, with a brush attachment, all areas between and underneath all cushions to keep dust to a minimum 
* Keep upholstery from becoming flat or wrinkled by fluffing, turning and rotating detached cushions and pillows 
* Avoid placing upholstered items in heat, moisture, or direct sunlight



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